The apple story for the “S” year Update

Puneet Pushkar
3 min readSep 29, 2018


Apart from technology that apple shows ,its about “How they Show”.

Every one knows that in “S” year apple will be disclosing something that is already known to everyone (the same hardware) just the small tweak….

But still they win in creating the visual field of distortion and getting most people hyped about that their product ..

So , How do they do it !!

They create the story so that people can mesmerize and feel as they are the part of the journey and get the emotional connect with the product .

From Intro video To the actual announcement

have look this video, the awesome design of apple campus with ,twist focusing on the “Clicker” which portrays they next big thing is about to be shown.

These awesomeness is done in 3 step process :- (The Narrative)

  1. History — “what we have done in the past ,how we have changed people’s life”
  2. Technology — “what’s our technology is all about (how we are different from every one) “
  3. Future — “how you should be benefited in the coming future”

Here is example , the exact wording they have used in their tech events

Example 1 → for displaying camera in the newest i-phone

  1. from last 10 year people were taking incredible photographs like this (the displayed picture) and keep their dreams alive.
  2. Its the remarkable new technology the dual lens camera with amazing dept of field and bokeh effect.
  3. This is the new era of computational photography and computational videography where we will use the neural networks to stitch the photographs

Its doesn’t mean that technology is already be the part of the world but ,in their sense it ill be slightly tweaked and done in the new way .

They didn’t compare their products with other they only compete with the best in that particular segment

Like in every keynote they say “this the best camera ever made in any i-phone”

“This is what we called D_SLR quality and this is what we call the future of photography”

Note — this makes them their audience to conserve on their side with the emotional connect .which is not majorly seen with other brands ,pixels always compare itself with the i-phones , which is good in some way but it also makes the I-phones to be the benchmarks of better photography .

Example 2 →for explaining Heart- sensing feature

  1. “the optical heart sensor is the essential for the apple watch from the beginning”
  2. “we have added the electrodes to the back of sapphire crystal on the digital crown allow you to take an electrocardiogram”
  3. When you open your apple watch you see the picture of the heart (animated) (how the people will be using that particular feature)

Note — from actually explaining the term in the people’s objectives (not in the complete technical environments) to showing them the actual animation of their heart pumping.

They keep their event slow and calm so that the actual people can relate to themselves

The important point of their presentation is

“Framing one things that connect with other”.

The framing of whole event ,audience centric ,the storytelling and make their audience ride on the awesome journey of apple ,

These this makes the apple event the huge success ..apart from the technology .



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