The apple story for the “S” year Update

  1. History — “what we have done in the past ,how we have changed people’s life”
  2. Technology — “what’s our technology is all about (how we are different from every one) “
  3. Future — “how you should be benefited in the coming future”
  1. from last 10 year people were taking incredible photographs like this (the displayed picture) and keep their dreams alive.
  2. Its the remarkable new technology the dual lens camera with amazing dept of field and bokeh effect.
  3. This is the new era of computational photography and computational videography where we will use the neural networks to stitch the photographs
  1. “the optical heart sensor is the essential for the apple watch from the beginning”
  2. “we have added the electrodes to the back of sapphire crystal on the digital crown allow you to take an electrocardiogram”
  3. When you open your apple watch you see the picture of the heart (animated) (how the people will be using that particular feature)




Data Analyst • I write about my learning and experiences

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Puneet Pushkar

Puneet Pushkar

Data Analyst • I write about my learning and experiences

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